Anecdotes about nice people and my summer internship at rtCamp, Pune


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Long-time posting here! I spent half of my summer at rtCamp this year as a systems intern and I had an amazing time there, learned a lot, made good friends, mentors but most importantly returned with a much clearer idea about how nice people can be, this idea really inspires me to be a better person so here it goes, hope it inspires you too in some way or the other.

Okay, What was it like? 🐌

You know that feeling when you’re working on a problem and someone angel on Google Meet just gives you the solution to your problem and you happily code your way out of it? That was precisely my experience at rtCamp, Pune.

Life sure gives you unexpected twists and turns but this post is about the good parts, the good people. My role was to work on sysadmin related tasks, I tried my best to stay away from PHP but there were too many good people who were good with PHP for me to miss a chance to learn from them, so I did try my hands with EasyEngine too. I was assigned lower priority tasks initially and I could easily see me wanting to stay with it. Fixing servers issues and making other devs happy is something I like to do.

Whenever I saw someone at rtCamp handling higher priority tasks, I caught myself getting surprised at how seamlessly they would handle the situation. It’s great to see the rtCampers at work. Asking for help first and then debugging seems like a common norm at rtCamp, it’s quite effective!

I was never exposed to such practice as I mostly developed solo all my life, but can confidently say that I most definitely want to be part of such a team were asking for help is not a second thought.

Well, where’s the proof? 📝

I very much regret being too shy to click a picture. Yes, I don’t have any picture from rtCamp on my phone, so here’s my attempt at half boiling an egg while staying at Pune.

The Journey 🚴

My semester exams ended on the 30th of June’19 and I was pumped for my first ever onsite internship at rtCamp. I heard good things about rtCamp from my mentor at rtCamp and Rahul Bansal (Founder rtCamp) was also very clear about the goals of the internship during the interview. I did not ace it but very thankful for accepting my application. Maitreyie helped me with the onboarding and I was very happy to be part of such a team.

So, 🛫 Guwahati ➡️ Pune 🛬 I started the next day,

“Good Work by Good People” - Illustration at rtCamp, Pune workspace

When I looked at this for the first time, I was like “okay let’s see, will find out!”

The People 👧 👦

rtCamp has a lot of people working remotely but the onsite workspace had a regular bunch of people working. I met Joel(HR Head at rtCamp) who must be one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, period

Once I even got skeptical about how nice he was to me and everyone else at rtCamp, but he is what he is. He introduced me to the rtFamily, and off we go!

rtCamp deals with clients directly and I was never exposed to such kind of pressure ever in my life, but Nitish(fellow Intern and friend) and the other people from the systems team (Devarshi, Riddesh to name a few) were extremely helpful and gave valuable feedback to my work. It was clear to me that, this is not the lazy work that I was accustomed to.

But as I said, help is around at rtCamp so didn’t have to worry a lot about the pressure.

Change is inevitable 🌀

I successfully managed to screw up one time with some installation, but Radhe (CTO, rtCamp) was again nice enough to walk me through the correct way to deal with it.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t finish my entire internship period due so some issues and I had to come back to Guwahati 🛬 only after finishing ~20 days of my entire period.

Conclusion 🖊

But I can say that the “Good Work by Good People” definitely stands true with rtCamp and I hope to carry forward all the things I learned from rtCamp into my future.

So those were some highlights from my Internship at rtCamp, If you have any question, drop me a mail 😃