Building a bot to post Instagram stories automatically to my blog


TLDR; Made a bot that posts selected instagram stories automatically to my blog.

Source Code is here if you’re looking for that.

I love instagram. I like posting stories and memes there and yesteday night I felt the urgency(ironical) to post about education on my story.

I wrote a moderately long post in a story with small text. I realized this should’ve been a blogpost aswell but I already posted the story and to get the text back I’ve to do OCR on it.

So I built a bot to do that for me everyday.

First step, getting hold of my instagram stories. I did not want to use facebook graph api because it’s a PITA. So instead using broswer cookies to make the API calls gets me the stories. (See source for URLs if you want.)

I got the API endpoints to look at by using network tab on dev tools.

Now I have the cookies and I am able to get all of my stories using a rest API endpoint.

Use tesseract ocr on all the stories to get the text from the posted stories.

Now, I cannot have all of my stories posted to my blog, so there should me some kind of filter,

So I decided any story starting with @@ will be considered a blogpost. You can change the @@ to anything you like in the source, or maybe make that a env var?

And then I needed a title, First line starting with # will be the title.

That being done I am ready to post the filtered stories anywhere I want. Github issues of my blog repository seemed a good fit for me. So just using a personal access token to post an issue for the story with Instagram label.

I put the app on heroku with a quart server instead of flask this time around.

For the scheduling i am using Cronjobs service which calls the heroku api once everyday.

./Lots of love, Keep hacking.