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Hello earthling,

Welcome to my little corner on the interweb.

“Everything is possible when you’re dead from inside” - Rishi Giri

About me, I live in Guwahati, India and currently a 3rd year computer science student at GIMT Guwahati.

There are two things I really care about, improving the education system in India and technology for a cause.

I don’t call myself a programmer but I like solving problems and use my programming abilities as a tool.

I think a lot about following best practices, free software and having a clean and documented codebase and I try to learn something new every single day. I am a big fan of selfhosting things.

I’m interested in systems and network programming, distributed systems, p2p networks and how we can use technology to move our society in the right direction.

Favorite Pages: memes, music, quotes, stories

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