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Hello earthling,

Welcome to my little corner on the interweb.

“Everything is possible when you’re dead from inside” - Rishi Giri

About me, I live in Guwahati, India and currently a 3rd year computer science student at GIMT Guwahati.

There are two things I really care about, improving the education system in India and technology for a cause.

I don’t call myself a programmer but I like solving problems and use my programming abilities as a tool.

I think a lot about following best practices, free software and having a clean and documented codebase and I try to learn something new every single day. I am a big fan of selfhosting things. I also have a wiki!

I’m interested in systems and network programming, distributed systems, p2p networks and how we can use technology to move our society in the right direction.

Favorite Pages: memes, music, quotes, stories

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